Ice Cubes & Ice Tubes

We are dedicated to provide the best Ice Cubes/Tubes in the UAE

Ice cubes are a small, roughly cube-shaped piece of ice that is commonly used to chill drinks. This is because the machine forms the cubes in thin layers rather than freezing all of the water in the ice cube at once. When water freezes quickly, it forms cloudy ice cubes.

All of our ice products are made with pure mineral water. All of our ice products are as clear as glass and completely safe to eat.

When water freezes quickly or has a high concentration of dissolved solids, cloudy ice cubes form. When water reaches the freezing point and ice forms, dissolved gases can no longer remain in solution and escape as small bubbles. However, because ice floats in water, the ice layer confines all bubbles within the ice cube once there is enough ice to form a layer on the surface. We manufacture ice with chilling elements at the bottom using a flowing source of filtered water, allowing the bubbles to be rinsed away from the top as the cube grows. We also remove all of the air bubbles in the ice to make it appear clear and not hazy. 

We’ve given it a lot of thought, so all you have to worry about is what size bag you’ll need. We’ve given much attention to how to filter the water, how to make the cubes last, what the ideal form should be, and how many pounds will be required to fill your picnic cooler. We’ve taken those ideas and turned them into reality, bringing you the greatest packed ice on the market. Whether you’re chilling cocktails or preserving perishables, all you have to do is think “Harison¬†Ice” to find the proper size bag of high-quality ice for your needs.